Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film is a clear transparent film that is applied directly to your paint work. It protects against nasty chips and scratches as well as UV rays that damage your vehicle.

The film can be applied to door edges protecting you from chipping the paint on walls or other cars when opening the doors, door cups which prevents scratches caused by rings and keys, top edge of tray which protects the paint from chips when removing items.

We can also apply the film to your headlights which prevents that yellow appearance caused by sun damage. The protection film can also be applied to the door sills which protects the paint from damage caused by shoes or objects being taken out of the car.

You can purchase the protection separately i.e just door cups, or you can purchase it in a Wear and Tear pack with your choice of protection i.e door cups, tray top and door edges or headlights, door cups and door edges and receive a discount.

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